Conference Fee (student or adviser)

$99 — At North Carolina State University by October 18
$105 — At North Carolina State University after October 18

The 2019 TEECAeast Conference Fee includes:

  • access to all competitive, professional, and social events and activities
  • Friday Formal Banquet
  • Saturday Awards Luncheon
  • a conference t-shirt

Guest Fee (for unregistered guests of conference participants )

$50 — Formal Banquet for unregistered guests
$40 — Awards Ceremony Luncheon for unregistered guests

Career Fair Participants

The Career Fair is 1:00PM – 3:00PM on Friday, November 8th.

There is no charge for representatives of schools and districts who wish to participate in the Career Fair. Registration is required, by October 18.  Questions can be directed to teeca.east@gmail.com

Register here to participate in the career as a representative.

Career Fair participants are welcome, if they wish, to take part in the Nov. 8 Formal Banquet ($50) and/or the Nov. 9 Awards Ceremony Luncheon ($40). If a Career Fair participant wishes to book a hotel room for an overnight stay during the conference, they can reserve at the group rate described here.

Code of Conduct

All participants, by registering for the conference, confirm that they have read and agreed to abide by the TEECAeast 2019 Code of Conduct.

On-Time Reservation and Registration (by October 18)

By October 18,  each institution should have completed the following three steps:

    • Hotel reservation secured with the Atlantic Sands Hotel and Conference Center for all needed rooms (see hotel information for further details)
    • Competitive Events Registration Form 2019 TEECA East Competitive Events Registration. Please review the 2019 TEECA EAST Registration Guidelines and Instructions
    • Check for Conference Fees/Guest Fees for all participating students, advisers, and guests mailed.
          • Make your institution’s Conference Fees/Guest Fees check payable to:
            TEECA EAST
            (memo line: TEECAeast 2019)
          • Mail your institution’s Conference Fees/Guest Fees check to:
            STEM Education
            c/o Dr. Kevin Sutton
            Campus Box 7801
            Poe Hall 510F
            Raleigh, NC 27695-7891
          • For payment with creditcard or paypal click below


  • Note: After October 18, the cost of the Conference Fee increases to $105, and room reservations are subject to hotel availability (see further details about hotel reservations).