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TEECA Registration Due October 14

Just a Friendly Reminder – Registration is due this week.

There are three key steps to prepare your school for attendance at the 2016 TEECA Eastern Regional Conference:

  1. Reserve hotel rooms by directly calling the Virginia Beach Resort and Conference Center (ask for TEECA group rate).
  2. Register your participating students, faculty and guests, with the registration template that will be available the week of September 19th(further details TBA).
  3. Send your school’s registration check made out to the ASU TECA and send to: Attention: Dr. Jerianne Taylor
    Department of Curriculum and Instruction
    ASU BOX 32047
    Appalachian State University
    Boone, NC 28608



HOTEL RESERVATION DEADLINE: Friday, October 14, 2016

Registration Details

Conference Fee (faculty or student):  $70 per person

Conference Fee after deadline:  $100 per person

Please let me know if you have any questions.



TEECA East – November 13-15

In less than 2 months, AppState and Old Dominion will host the 2016 TEECA Eastern Region Conference.  Almost all of the competitions have been updated and registration forms are being sent out to chapter advisors.  We look forward to seeing you in November.


2016 TEECA EAST Save the Dates

The 2016 TEECA EAST Conference will be held

November 13-15, 2016 (Sun. – Tues.)
Hosted by
Appalachian State University &
Old Dominion University

2015 Conference Preliminary Program

The 2015 conference preliminary program is here!!! Print programs will be available at registration.

2015 Keynote Speaker

Tom Heck, Founder of International Association of Teamwork Facilitators and VP for Education Initiatives at

Tom Heck, Founder of International Association of Teamwork Facilitators and VP for Education Initiatives at

Hacking STEM Education

You’ll soon be out in the world working as a teacher of technology and engineering. The young people in your care are going to depend on you to prepare them for a world that is rapidly changing. What if there was a way to “future proof” the education your students received? What if there was a way for you to prepare your students to excel in a rapidly changing environment? If you could do this, your value as a teacher would increase exponentially. In this presentation we will explore, in practical terms, two specific strategies you can employ with your students to future proof their education while simultaneously engage them at a deep and profound level.

Tom Heck is a lifelong student and teacher. He has worked in the field of education and leadership development for over 25 years. Tom studied Technology Education at Virginia Tech and upon graduation worked as a juvenile corrections officer in a pre-release program modeled after Outward Bound. This is where Tom truly learned the power of experiential learning. He then went on to work as a Technology Education teacher in a high school in Virginia. He then began working for the YMCA as a Senior Director in North Carolina where he began designing school-based leadership development programs that served over 8,000 students. In 1997 Tom created The International Association of Teamwork Facilitators which currently serves over 4,000 educators, trainers, and facilitators from 35 countries. He has invented and successfully licensed over 15 learning games to three of the largest suppliers of physical education equipment in the US. Tom has worked as a consultant with some of the largest training organizations in the world including Franklin Covey and the Center for Creative Leadership. Tom was hired by Purdue University to head up their “EPICS K12” program – – EPICS helps K12 students learn engineering design through real projects that help real people in the community. Tom is very active in the Maker movement and has several articles published in MAKE Magazine. He’s also presented at many regional Maker Faires.

Team Building Workshop

In this fun and interactive workshop you’ll learn a series of activities you can easily lead in your own classroom. These same activities are used by classroom teachers around the US to teach team and leadership skills to middle and high school students. If you intend to have your students working in teams then you’ll want to teach your students how to work successfully together. Not only will you experience the games yourself, you’ll learn tips for debriefing the activities so your students get the most from the experience.

  • Tom Heck, Founder of International Association of Teamwork Facilitators and VP for Education Initiatives at will lead the workshop.
  • A pizza break will be provided halfway through.
  • Sunday 9-11 PM, directly following the Technology Challenge and Advisers Challenge.

Problem Solving Equipment and Material List

Please refer to the updated problem solving equipment and material list for 2015.

Important Manufacturing Update

The Manufacturing Drawings were updated on 10.28.2015 (make sure to delete previous file). The changes are:

The first change: The depth of the hole for the cam axle has been decreased.
The second change: The size of the chamfers has been increased.

Monday’s schedule for the Manufacturing Competition.

Set up is from 1-5 pm.
Folders are due at 4:00 pm (this is different from nationals).
Dinner Break 5:00-9:00 pm
Production Run 9-9:30 pm
Team critique time and production demo to other teams 9:30 – 10:30 pm.

Transportation Update

Due to local requirements, the transportation challenge has been updated in the types of energy allowed. See the Transportation Challenge for more details.

Robotics Competition, Team Size Update

Update. The Robotics competition now allows team sizes of up to 8 TEECA members. See the competition challenge for more details.