2017 Event Coordinator

Professor Cameron Denson, North Carolina State University


The purpose of the TEECA Technology Challenge Contest is to provide a means for TEECA members to demonstrate their knowledge about the core concepts of technology, the profession of technology & engineering education, and pedagogical concepts such as curriculum, instruction, and assessment.


1. A maximum of one team per school may enter the contest.
2. Each team may have one to four members, each a registered participant at the conference.
3. A team may have one graduate student member.
4. All TEECA Technology Challenge team members must be currently enrolled in the university they are representing, and be registered participants of the conference/regional.
5. A team may not change membership at any time during the competition.


1. Teams must register to compete in the contest prior to the event.

2. Teams will be paired by lottery for the first (initial) round.

3. When instructed, two teams will enter the contest area and be seated.

4. Prompting of contestants by members of the audience will not be permitted.

5. Preliminary rounds will consist of 5–8 questions and final rounds will have 6–12 questions drawn from the TEECA Technology Challenge question bank. Questions will be drawn from the seven categories found in the Technology for All Americans© National Standards documentation plus two additional categories.

  • Agricultural and Bio-related Technologies
  • Construction Technology
  • Energy and Power Technologies
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Medical Technology
  • Transportation Technology
  • An 8th category used during this event will include questions related to “Technology & Engineering Education / Professional” concepts
  • The final category will include questions related to curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices.

6.  In case of a tie score at the end of a round, there will be one tie-breaking question in the category of the Master of Ceremony’s (MC) choice.

7. The MC will read each question. As soon as a contestant signals that he/she is able to answer, the MC will stop reading the question. The team has ten (10) seconds to begin answering . . . .

  • For each correct answer the team will receive ten points.
  • If a question is answered incorrectly, or if a member of a team signals and cannot answer the question, five points are subtracted from the team’s total points.
  • If the question has a yes-no answer or true-false answer and is missed, the next question will be asked.
  • If any other type question was asked and the team member pressed the button before the question was finished, the member must give the same answer that is on the answer card; but if the answer is incorrect, the entire question will be reread for the other team. Within 10 seconds, one person on the opposing team may answer after giving the signal. The team may NOT discuss the question or possible answers.

8. Transmitting or recording devices will not be permitted in the contest area.

9. Failure to show up for your scheduled contest will result in disqualification of your team. If part of a team shows up, they may compete, but the other member(s) of the team can not join the team after the first question is read. They may re-join for the next round.

10. Elimination continues until a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place team is determined.

Rules of Conduct

Any poor conduct, cheating, foul language, or abuse of equipment will result in team disqualification. Any discrepancy with a question will be taken up in an orderly and proper manner with the judges. The decision of the judges is final.