2017 Event Coordinator

Laura Hummell (laurahummell@gmail.com), Technology Education Advisor, Pennsylvania Department of Education

2017 Teaching Lesson Challenge


Standard for Technological Literacy (STL): 10

Your challenge is to develop, deliver, and reflect on a 15 minute lesson covering the role of troubleshooting, research and development, invention and innovation, and experimentation in problem solving for middle school students.


The TEECA Teaching Lesson Competition evaluates how well an individual or pair of students teach others about a technological topic. The topic is provided well in advance of the TEECA competition. All preparations for the actual lesson must be done by the student and/or team. During the actual competition, the lesson is timed and instructional material is evaluated.  The teaching evaluation is based on: teaching effectiveness, use of appropriate instructional materials, and effective/appropriate lesson plan flow (i.e., stated learning objective, helpful and well-scaffolded anticipatory set, evidence of learning assessment, ability to engage learners, and ability to demonstrate innovative teaching techniques). The lesson must be submitted by November 1, 2017 and the reflection must be submitted one hour after delivering the lesson on November 10, 2017. Read the entire challenge document (6 pages) and evaluation rubric for more detailed information and resources.


An individual, a team of two, or team of three TEECA undergraduate students may be involved in planning and developing the formal lesson. However, only one or two undergraduate students may be designated as the primary teacher(s). Each school may enter one TEECA Lesson Planning team entry, and the entrants must be registered conference participants from an affiliated TEECA chapter. Graduate students are not permitted to participate in this event (graduate students should see the Poster Session competition as an alternative).