2017 Event Coordinator

Professor Manuel Figueroa, The College of New Jersey

2017 Challenge Details


This year the TEECA East Robotics Challenge will be BASED ON THE VEX-U CHALLENGE, In the Zone! The challenge will follow VEX UNIVERSITY GAME RULES AND ROBOT MODIFICATIONS. This year’s game is In the Zone. All robots must conform to the rules governing a UNIVERSITY VEX event (VEX U). See this important VexU appendix to the game manual. Therefore, each TEECA team will compete with ONE robot no larger than 24” X 24” X 24”. For this TEECA East Robotics Challenge, you do NOT need to be an officially registered VexU team. Our challenge at Virginia Beach is NOT a VexU qualifying event.  However, since we will follow the official VexU rules and build a single robot that conforms to the VexU requirements, you will be able to reuse your robot for the rest of the VexU season in tournaments around the country. The TEECA competition will consist of five components: a round robin tournament based on In the Zone; a 60-second VexU robot skills challenge; a 60-second VexU programming skills challenge; a team presentation on robot design/fabrication/testing; and a unique autonomous task announced on the day of the event. An engineering design notebook is not required and will not be scored.


Team members MUST be members of an affiliated TEECA college or university and must be registered participants at the conference. Each mobile robotics team will consist of 2-8 students. Each team must have, and may only use ONE robot for the mobile robotics challenge. All other team and robot requirements will follow the rules for VEX-U In the Zone.

Note: Always refer to the online document instead of printing, in case there are any updates.