2017 Competitive Events

Updated competition rules will be posted as soon as we receive them. In most cases the rules for each competition will be similar to last year. Please continue to watch the website and follow us on Twitter @TEECAeast for more updates on competitive event rules.

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Contests / 2017 coordinators / Current Status of Competition for 2017

  • K-5 STEM / Steve O’Brien, The College of New Jersey / READY for 2017
  • Manufacturing  / Richard Bush, State University of New York at Oswego / READY for 2017
  • Poster Session / Pat Foster, Central Connecticut State University / READY for 2017
  • Problem Solving /Sherry Roses, The College of New Jersey / READY for 2017
  • Mechatronics  / NA / Will not be held in 2017 (see Robotics)
  • Robotics / Manuel Figueroa,  The College of New Jersey  / READY for 2017
  • Teaching Lesson / Laura Hummell, Pennsylvania Department of Education / READY for 2017
  • Transportation / Philip Reed, Old Dominion University / READY for 2017