Special Event on Thursday Evening.  All conference participants will want to attend the special event planned for Thursday evening following the Technology Challenge competition. This FUN and ENGAGING event will promote problem-solving, teamwork, and networking. There will be PRIZES!

Competitive Events Day. The main focus on Friday is the competitive events. Most events start with an early morning meeting with the contest coordinator who will introduce the problem and answer questions. Be sure to follow the conference program for specific times and meeting places. We want to encourage schools to participate in as many events as possible.

Career Fair. All students — from first-year students to graduate students — will want to attend this event to learn about different employment opportunities. The schedule for Friday has been adjusted to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to attend the Career Fair in the Chesapeake rooms. There will be a conference break between 11 AM and 1 PM to allow everyone to have lunch and attend the Career Fair. Please bring your resumes and remember to dress professionally so that you can interact with and impress the school system representatives who attend this event.  The Career Fair will occur from 11 AM – 2 PM to allow as many students as possible to attend.

Formal Banquet. This is a tradition at TEECA EAST. Students and faculty dress up for the formal banquet on Friday evening. Men typically wear shirts and ties while women select professional tops with slacks, skirts or dresses. Our keynote speaker will have an inspirational message for aspiring young professionals.

Student Presentations. Students will have the opportunity to view many contest products/solutions just prior to the Awards Luncheon. This is a great opportunity to see how other teams performed and to gather ideas about how your team might do things differently next time.

Awards Luncheon.  Another TEECA East tradition is the awards luncheon on Saturday. All winners will be announced and plaques awarded. All communication contest videos will be shown. The luncheon will be from 10:30 AM to noon, allowing our more distant schools to head home during the daylight hours.

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